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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Thanksgiving Things to do With Kids

Do you need a project to keep your children busy while you prepare for the holidays?  Or maybe you are looking for a Thanksgiving-themed FHE treat or activity.
Last year we posted an idea for turkeys made out of candy and cookies easy enough for kids to make.  You can read complete instructions here.

Here are some more to try:
The first decoration/treat is for pilgrim hats. It's very easy--easy enough for small children.

You need fudge strip cookies, large marshmallows, dipping chocolate, orange or yellow frosting, and a few kids willing to make a big mess.

Dip the marshmallows in the chocolate.

Place the marshmallow on the fudge side of the cookie.

Let them set up for awhile and then add a orange or yellow buckle, using tube frosting from the grocery store.

You can use these as place cards at the dinner table or eat them for FHE treats.

The next one is a turkey.  It takes a little more patience and coordination than the pilgrim hats and is more suited for older kids, or for a time you can spend plenty of time helping younger children.

You will need Oreos, Reece's peanut butter cups, candy corn, whoppers, and chocolate, white, and orange frosting.  Those decorating tubes of pre-made frosting in the cooking aisle at the grocery store work well for the white and orange. 

I used double stuff Oreos.  Put layer of chocolate frosting around the middle of the Oreo. 

 Stick five candy corns into the frosting.  Or use starbursts, cut into triangles.

 On a second cookie, put a dab of chocolate frosting toward back.

Set the "feathered" cookie into the dab of frosting and let set up.

Cut one side off of a peanut butter cup.

Frost top and cut edge of cup. 

Turn your turkey and place cup on top this way:
(cut side against plain cookie, top of cup against feathered cookie).

Next, put whopper on using chocolate frosting.  Add a beak--a cut candy corn--with frosting.

Using the white frosting, add two eyes.  Let your turkey set up for awhile at this point.

Now you can sit the turkey up and add a dark spot to eyes--either a dot of black frosting, a miniature chocolate chip, or a cake sprinkle.
Add legs and a waddle with orange frosting.  You can also use shoelace licorice for legs and a red hot for the waddle.

To use as a place card holder, attach a name to a toothpick and stick into the feather area.

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