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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Showing Gratitude Daily

 Recently, the stake RS presidency visited Shepherd ward.  Sister Cindy Edward gave a wonderful and timely lesson on showing gratitude.  Most of the information for today's post comes from Sister Edward's lesson.

Keep a Gratitude Journal
A gratitude journal is simply a place to record the things you are grateful for each day.  Choose a place that will work for you.  It doesn't have to be fancy.  If you live by your planner or calendar, record your thoughts there.  Or, find a notebook you like, big or little, spiral or handmade, plain or decorative-it doesn't matter!  Then, list five things each day that you are thankful for.
You can keep a personal gratitude journal, or set one out for the whole family to write in.  Family members can make a gratitude entry several times a day-whenever they recognize a blessing.
Children too young to write can contribute a picture to their own gratitude journal or glue one into the family journal.  You can write an explanation to go with the picture, if you wish. Wouldn't a family gratitude journal be a treasure to own and read as the years pass?
Read about Gratitude from the Scriptures or
Read the story about the ten lepers healed by the Savior in Luke 17.

President Erying gave a wonderful talk about recording blessing in our life's entitled "O Remember, Remember".  You can read the entire article here.

Sister Edward gave us a list of
 things we can do today to show gratitude
This list is from the 2006 BYU Women's Conference.
Start a gratitude journal
Tell someone you love, how much you appreciate them
Send a thank you note to someone
Start a list of things that make you happy
Offer a prayer of thanksgiving
Sit down to dinner and share something you are grateful for today
Copy a quote about gratitude and put it on your fridge
Give something away
 Do something nice for some else
Give at least five compliments to people you see
Be more obedient to one of the Lord's commandments
Start and end your day with a grateful thought
Make a scrapbook page about something you are thankful for
Give thanks before meals.

 Make a Thanksgiving spot--a bulletin board or refrigerator are great places to let family members "post" things they are thankful for.

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