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Friday, November 5, 2010

Gratitude FHE

November is a great time to have a Family Home Evening lesson on gratitude.  Last year we posted this FHE idea for encouraging feelings of thankfulness:

This is a similar idea.  These "remembering to feel grateful" activities were something my children looked forward to every year when they were little.

First, make a turkey out of scrapbook paper or constrution paper.  My turkey has a big circle body, a little circle head, an orange beak, yellow wattle, feet and eyes.

Cut several "feathers" out of different colors of scrap paper.

Add notches, if desired.

Method 1: On the back of each feather write a family member's name or "friend" or "other".  On a FHE night, let each member draw a feather out of a pile and write what she/he is thankful for about that person.  "Other" is the wild card--they can write about anything or anybody they are thankful for and why. Make sure you have several feathers for each family member.  Do this over a couple of FHE nights.  Read them all together on a Sunday afternoon or final November FHE.

Method 2:  Each night during the month of November, everyone gets one feather to write about something that happened that day for which they are grateful.  Again, read them together as a family at FHE or on a Sunday afternoon.

Everyone can stick their feather on the turkey.

If you use blue painters tape, it's easy to remove the feathers later for reading.

You can add as many feathers as you like.

Hang your turkey somewhere in your home in a place everyone will pass by several times a day as a reminder to be grateful.

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