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Monday, November 23, 2009

Cookie Turkeys

These turkeys are great edible decorations, easy enough
for children to make. You will need:
chocolate cookie wafers
chocolate frosting
gum drops
chocolate chips
red hots or mini M & Ms
candy corn

The grocery store sells these wafers in the cookie section
Cut a piece off the bottom of a cookie with a sharp knife.

Frost one cut cookie and one uncut cookie. Use enough frosting
so that everything sticks together.

Place the cut side of the cookie toward the back of the round cookie and put a gum drop
for the body in front

Stick on a chocolate chip for the head, using frosting. I usually use a semi sweet chip,
today I had butterscotch.
Put a red hot beneath the chocolate chip for the waddle, again using frosting to stick it on.

Add candy corn to the cut, upright cookie for feathers

Let your turkey sit for awhile to firm up the frosting.

Make enough for everyone!

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