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Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Birthday, Relief Society!
Our Colstrip Ward Relief Society birthday dinner was held on March 19. We had a wonderful turnout! The menu consisted of parmesan chicken, rice pilaf, a spinach pear gorgonzolla cheese salad, a chocolate and fruit trifle. We welcomed several new sisters into the ward! We used a cute poem that asked the new sisters several questions about themselves. They were able to bring in items to share sort of like show and tell! We learned so much about each other! (poem to follow) We also introduced our Back to Basics enrichment activities which include gardening, canning, bread making, and sewing. We had a wonderful time and look forward to this coming year!

Sisterhood in a Bag
There just isn't anyone like you.
That likes to do the things you do.
But you never know, you just can't tell,
If you just don't know the sisters that well.
Tell us what ou do for fun...
Do you paint, ski, sew, or run?
Where do you owrk, have you got any pets?
Do you like reading books or surfing the net?
So, fill this bag with things about you.
Come share yourself for a minute or two.
And maybe before the evening ends.
Not only sisters we'll be but better friends.

Please bring up to three items to share.
Items don't have to fit in this bag.

Best Wishes,
Colstrip Relief Society
It's wonderful to see Colsrtip Ward adding new members! Thanks for sharing your Birthday Celebration with us!

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