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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Garden plant selection

It is always nice to learn from an expert instead of learning by trial and error. Here are a few gardening ideas from a few gardening sisters in our stake.

Judy Deim from the Alkali Creek ward says, "I only plant 2 varieties of tomatos: Early Girl and Big Momma. Early girl is a reliable all around tomato, good for eating and canning. Big Momma is a paste type which I use for everything except juice. It is dryer so it is good for salsa, sauce, dips, and just plain eating".

Sister Rollins from the Lake Hills ward loves a cherry tomato called "Sweet Million".

Norma Ols0n from the Lake Hills ward likes to plant "4th of July tomatos". They are about 2 inches round and ripen early. She also plants "Gadzooks" zuchinni. It does not have as much moisture in it so it works well to freeze and use to make zuchinni bread.

For those of you who are interested in making a raised flower or vegetable bed there are some very detailed instructions on one of my favorite web sites,


  1. This post was really helpful! Karen

  2. Thanks for the great advice!! I've also been wanting to do some raised beds so thanks for that great link!