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Monday, March 23, 2009

Egg Bonanza
Eggs often go on sale around Easter. Have you ever wished you could stock up on those sale eggs? Did you know that you can freeze eggs for later use? Here's how to freeze eggs individually: Gather eggs, small dixie cups, and something to stir with.

Break one egg into the cup.
Stir gently without incorporating air into egg. The egg doesn't need to be completely mixed.

Place the stirred eggs in their cups into a pan

Cover and place in freezer.

Next peel the paper cup off of the frozen egg and place in a labeled, dated bag.

They kind of look like votive candles, don't they?

You can also leave the egg in the cup if you cover it well, but these are hard to keep sealed, tend to get lost in my freezer, and take up more space.

When you are ready to use the egg, place in a bowl in the fridge overnight (recommended method) or put your egg in a plastic bag and run under cold water until thawed (in a pinch). The egg is now ready to add to your favorite recipe.

Use the freshest possible eggs when freezing. Eggs will keep in the freezer for up to a year, and should be used as soon as possible when thawed. Of course, you can freeze all of your eggs together by gently mixing several eggs into a bowl and freezing in ziploc or freezer container. Just remember that once thawed, eggs should not be refrozen. One whole egg=3 Tablespoons. Never freeze eggs in the shell. They will have strangely textured yolks, expand, break the shell, and make big messes in your freezer that no one wants to clean up. Freeze only raw eggs as frozen cooked egg whites become rubbery and don't taste very good.

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