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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Crock Pot Whole Wheat Cereal
Thanks to Sidney Pitt of the Colstrip Ward for these pictures and recipe!
We try hard at our home to eat natural foods. That is one of the reasons we have wheat in our food storage. I finally developed a breakfast cereal that my husband likes and it doesn't take much work. A PERFECT combination!

Crock Pot Whole Wheat Cereal
1 serving
¼ C. rinsed whole wheat (white or red)
1 C. water
Fresh or dried fruits (optional)
Into a small crock pot (mine holds 2 cups), place the whole wheat, water and dried fruit. Plug it in with the lid on and let it cook all night (on low temperature). In the morning you will have whole wheat cereal all ready to go. Now all you have to do is add honey to taste, fresh fruits if desired, and milk. You are ready to go with a nutritious breakfast for the family. This can be increased as needed for your family size (1 part wheat to 4 parts water). This way we are getting the nutrients and the fiber from our breakfast cereal.


  1. This looks so yummy. My mom used to make this cereal for me and now you have reminded me! Maybe I will make this soon!

  2. As I was growing up, we had this cereal throughout the winter. When I make it, I do add a bit of salt. It is a very filling and nutritious breakfast. Thanks Sydney for the great reminder!

  3. I loved the crock pot recipe's. Please post more.