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Friday, March 13, 2009

All Is Safely Gathered In--Using the Cannery
Thanks to our stake cannery specialist-Susan Powell (Lake Hills)- for helping with this blog.

The cannery is for use by all stake members and is located at 4432 South Frontage Road (part of the Auto Auction). Because of liability and safety issues, please leave children younger than 12 at home. Infants in car seats are okay. Most wards and branches have a cannery specialist:
Skyview - Annette Draper 896-1215
Shepherd - Sis Miars 373-9821
Colstrip - Sydney Pitt 748-4419
Forsyth Colleen Hill 346-7770
Roundup - Louise Lear 323-3286
Hardin - Laura Lowe 665-1305
Alkali - Diane Jones 252-6229
Lake Hills - JoAnn Louks 245-0190
Hawthorne -
Hilltop -
Call your specialist to schedule a time and day to go to the cannery. If your ward specialist is not available, you may also contact our stake cannery specialist:
Susan Powell-252-1068
Currently, the following foods are available for purchase and canning:
several varieties of beans
dry milk
wheat (red or white)
apple slices
potato flakes
hot cocoa
fruit drink mix
pancake mix
potato pearls

There is a shelving unit of pre-canned items that you can choose from. You can bring youth groups or adults groups to the cannery and can food as a service project and add them to this shelf for anyone to purchase from.

The cannery is well-stocked with cans and food.

Choose your food to can--here we are canning powdered milk. Set your metal cans in a plastic bin to contain the mess.

Fill your cans, add a oxygen absorber.

Put a lid on top, place on sealing machine, use lever to raise the can, push handle back and circle cans 3-4 times, then pull handle forward and circle cans 3-4 more times.

Label and date your cans.

Clean up: wash plastic bin, wipe down surfaces you used, leave plastic bin upside down hanging over the edge so it can dry.

Make sure to gather up used towels to return to Susan Powell along with the key.

Fill out the price list, making sure to include all foods, cans, lids, oxygen absorbers, plastic lids, etc. Attach your check and give it to your ward specialist or Susan Powell if you are not with your specialist. Do not leave your payment at the cannery.

What do you use your powdered milk for? Send an email with ideas and recipes to and tell us! We will do a posting on uses for powdered milk.

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  1. I am in the Laurel Ward. We drove to Missoula to can our food storage but couldn't get all we wanted because our vehicle could only hold 600 pounds. Can we use the cannery in Billings? If not, can we buy our bulk wheat through the cannery? We would like 10 of the 50 lb. bags.