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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Shepherd Ward's "Eight Cow Woman" RS Meeting

Shepherd Ward presented a wonderful theme last week for their Relief Society Meeting. The theme was based on the story of Mahana(sp?) "Eight Cow Woman". Seriously this was so fun and uplifting!

 For treats, they served Cow Pies--which were actually very good no bake cookies--and some awesome Coconut Macaroons.
 LeeAnn Foggin and Kelly Sessions presented many great ideas on living within our means, and being happy while doing it.
 Anita Cook and Jessica Oliver presented cheap date ideas and things to do as a family that were budget friendly.
 Ivey Peterson did a great presentation, making us all more aware of preparation for unexpected events. She reminded us to get a phone with a cord for communication during loss of electrical power.
 Dana Wittorf encouraged us to set goals and gave many good ideas on achieving the goals that we set. She has been a great example in this area.
 LeeAnn Foggin showed us this quilt which holds many memories. Her grandmother made this quilt from scraps of "this and that". The last presenter gave us the recipe for a hand scrub. We all tested it and it worked wonderfully. Here it is:
Mix two parts sugar--either granulated or brown sugar- with one part olive oil.
We used a teaspoon size of this mixture and rubbed it all over our hands--it sloughs off old skin cells and leaves your hands so soft. We then got a partner to massage lotion into each others hands, as she showed us the techniques. It felt wonderful.
What a great evening we shared with the sisters in the Shepherd Ward. They presented the theme  "Eight Cow Woman" with such fun and meaning combined.

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