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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Roundup Flood Relief

Today (Saturday, June 4) members of our stake went to Roundup to help with the flood clean-up effort.  They met at the church at 6 am.

Here are members, wearing the church's "Helping Hands" vests, in front of the Roundup Branch building.

This shows the main room inside our church, full of donated items. There were somewhere around 75 members of our stake working in Roundup, and another 25 people or so from other churches and the community at large.

The local hospital was giving free tetanus shots to anyone who needed them.  Unfortunately, there were a lot of exposed nails to poke yourself on.

Salt Lake sent up these white cleaning buckets--they think of everything! Inside these buckets are gloves, bleach, all-purpose cleaner, rags, and cleaning sponges.

As you can see, this is quite a messy job. Basements in Roundup were full to the ceiling with flood water, and main floors had another 3-4 feet of water in many areas.

Here is a typical house, being cleaned by workers. Workers cleaned out houses for anyone who needed help.

Everything has to be brought outside to be cleaned up and dried. 

Sheetrock was  pulled down to get rid of water-logged walls.

This is a sinkhole in someone's  yard.  Workers poured around 50 bags of sand into this hole and didn't even begin to fill it in.

This large semi is full of free drinking water for the people of Roundup.

The Catholic church in town set up this washing station with warm water so workers could clean up before eating lunch.

Meals are being cooked in the Catholic church for workers and members of Roundup community in need of food.

This is the Catholic church of Roundup.  They have invited members of the Roundup branch to come eat lunch with them tomorrow after church.

This is what Roundup looks like a week or so after the last rain. Billings got around 9+ inches over the month of May.  Roundup got 9 inches on ONE day, and 4 inches a few days later.

An apartment building ruined by the floods.

This is the inside of someone's house.  You can see how high the flood water was--all of the sheetrock had to be pulled off as high as the flood water hit.

This picture was taking near the river.  The river has been more or less dry for the last eight years.

You can see in this picture how a picnic table and other objects were pushed against a fence by flood water.

Notice how this street sign has grass and mud on the top were flood water reached.

These are the sister missionaries.  They and a group of workers found an elderly woman who had purchased this home two weeks before the flood. 

Her basement was filled, and her main floor was left with several inches of mud and silt.

Her home is a good example of the mess left by the flood.

President Checketts, President of the Roundup branch is second from the left.

Thank you to all who helped today, as well as all who offered to help.  We will continue to update you with opportunities for serving as they come up.

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