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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Web site for canning info

Canning food can be a lot of work! But there is something very satisfying about canning food for your family. Last week I picked sour cherries from a tree in my daughters back yard. The limbs were hanging with beautiful, plump, ripe cherries. They were begging to be picked! In just a couple hours we had picked as many as we could reach. A good friend has one of those fancy steam juicers and she spent the day juicing the cherries. I used the juice to make delicious cherry jelly and had plenty of cherries for a couple pies and then canned a couple quarts to use for cobbler. I found a good website with canning instructions and thought you might like to look at it. Go to
At the Stake Relief Society Harvest Seminar Jody Gorham talked about some of her canning success and failures, (we all have had some of each). One idea she shared was that you can just wash off a ripe red tomato and put it in a freezer bag in the freezer. Then when you are making soup or chili or spagetti sauce just take it out of the freezer, run warm water over the tomato, peel off the skin and mix it in. I'm finding this is great when you have just a few tomatoes ripe but not enough to can.
So...try making some jelly, get on the internet and look up some new recipes, keep your eyes open for free food! It really is a lot of fun!

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