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Saturday, August 21, 2010


On Friday, August 20th several women in our stake, along with some of their friends, gathered for our FIRST annual "Wild Woman Triathlon". Ranee Berg (Hilltop) and Brenda Snizek (Skyview) organized it, figured out the course, put it together.
Can you believe how many amazing women participated?

There were also plenty of family members there to cheer everyone on.

Everyone met at Lake Elmo for the first leg of the triathlon. Friday was an extremely
hot day--temperatures were near 100. Lake Elmo was pretty warm, too.

The swim was about 400 yards.

Can you see the boats? They held members of the stake there to help swimmers stay on course, rescue swimmers, or give help to any women who needed it. You will be glad to know no one needed rescuing-- everyone made it out of the lake alive!

When the sisters got out of the water, their bikes were waiting for the next part.

Off they went--they left Lake Elmo, crossed Main, and joined the bike trail on Mary Street.

There were all kinds of bikes-from professional road bikes to more ordinary everyday bikes, and there were all levels of skill among the bike riders.

The biking segment was just short of 16 miles long. Wow!
The trail crosses Wicks Lane and eventually leads back to Lake Elmo.

Next was running.
The women ran 2+ times around Lake Elmo.

By now these sisters had been swimming, biking, and moving for well over an hour in the hot sun.
Our sisters are really tough!

The running part of the triathlon was about 3.1 miles.
It was pretty exciting to see our sisters finish the triathlon!

We want to make this triathlon a yearly event. Come join us, you've got a whole year to prepare!

If you don't feel you can do the entire triathlon, come next year and do the parts you want to. You can do one leg of the triathlon, two legs, or parts of each if you don't think you can do it all. It was lots of fun and a great feeling of achievement for those who took part.

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