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Thursday, July 15, 2010

We love our missionaries!

About every 6 weeks the missionaries have either a district conference or a zone conference
at the stake center.
The district conference includes around 30 missionaries and the mission presidency, and the zone conferences can have 60+ young men and sister missionaries.

Did you know the in-town Relief Society sisters take turns feeding them at lunch time? The assignment to prepare and serve food rotates among the 5 Billings Wards and Shepherd Ward.

The sisters can prepare anything they want.
This is the delicious make-your-own sub sandwich Hilltop Ward prepared for their turn at doing the luncheon.
Lunch is served buffet-style.
The missionaries set tables and chairs up in either the multi-purpose room (for district conferences) or the gym (for zone conferences). Sisters can do as little or as much decorating as they wish. Missionaries take down the table and chairs, bring things to the kitchen, and sisters clean up the dishes and leftover food. We generally use paper plates.
Before they eat the missionaries always introduce themselves, one by one, telling the Relief Society sisters their name and where they are from. Then they "sing for their supper" before being served.
If your ward Relief Society president announces that it is your ward's turn to feed the missionaries, please volunteer to come and help if you can. It takes many hands to prepare and serve at these luncheons. So many of our sisters work during the day or have small children at home, and it can be challenging to find enough sisters to help. It is a stirring sight to see these dedicated young men and women and
feel of their love and excitement for sharing the gospel.
You'll love participating in this opportunity for service!

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  1. great post, all the sisters need this information