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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Skyview Ward and Hearts and Hands

Tonight Skyview Ward celebrated Relief Society's birthday.

They used this cheerful birthday theme for decorations.

For the last few years, Skyview has contributed to Hearts and Hands by donating hygiene kits.  They have purchased supplies over the internet and found some amazingly good deals.

The sisters began the evening by assembling kits.

They put together kits for men, women, and children.

The children's kits include a coloring book--they found nice coloring books on the internet for an amazing 34 cents each. 

Skyview filled several boxes with completed kits.

Now we have one less thing to do at Saturday's Hearts and Hands-

thank you sisters!

After working on their Hearts and Hands project, the Skyview sisters gathered for various homemade crock pot soups, served in bread bowls.


Skyview also had a short program, including a wonderful video on the beginnings of Relief Society, followed by some inspirational words from one of their sisters.  It was a great evening of service, spirituality, and sisterhood.
This is a fridge magnet made by one of the sisters in Skyview Ward, given to each sister there.

Thank you, Skyview, for letting me join you!

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