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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hearts and Hands Is NEXT WEEK!

-We really need quilting frames and sewing machines set-up for Friday afternoon, March 18th and Saturday all day, March 19th. All sisters willing to loan their machines and frames should have their name and phone number on each piece.  Contact Francine Palmer or Rexene Tilley (Alkali Creek Ward) if you can help.
-Please come any time Friday afternoon and evening 12-7 P.M. and on Saturday 9A.M.-4P.M. We will also be doing a lot of set-up work on Friday morning and would love all the help we can get to sort through dropped off items and get them to their proper locations throughout the building. Bring a friend!

-We are short on clothing protectors and canned food for the friendship baskets.  Protectors are made of light weight WHITE towels with a hole cut out for the head and a ribbing sewn in. We appear to be about 70 short of the request and I am really hoping that even if we can't get all that has been requested that we might be able to get a few more than we currently have. Francine has patterns. Canned vegetables and dessert mixes are again on sale this week at your local grocery store.

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