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Thursday, December 9, 2010

General Relief Society Message

As many of you have noticed the website has gone through an updating and now has a new look to it. On the old site there is a post by the General Relief Society Presidency that I thought I'd pass it along. It may be on the updated site also but I haven't found it yet.

"As you reflect on the birth of our Savior this Christmas Season, join us in remembering him by serving someone on his behalf". Such a simple statement but as I read it I thought of it as a call to action. Just imagine the good that could be and will be done by Relief Society members throughout the world this Christmas Season. The Relief Society presidency lists four things we could do:
1. visit someone in need
2. act on your generous thoughts
3. do temple work
4. register and search for a family name in the New Family Search
These small acts of service given freely and out of love for our Savior join together to build faith in Jesus Christ, support families and provide relief, the values Relief Society are built upon.
What a blessing it is for all of us to belong to the Relief Society.

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