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Monday, March 22, 2010

Colstrip Goals

Recently the Stake Relief Society presidency visited the wonderful sisters of Colstrip Ward. One of the exciting things going on in their Relief Society is a project to set some personal goals. They are personal goals which go along with the goals their bishop has asked them to accomplish.
The Colstrip Relief Society is focusing on four areas:

1. Submit a 4 generation sheet to the family history library.

"The church has asked us to do this for years and it may identify some ancestors whose work you can take to the temple or arrange for someone else to take those names to the temple."

2. Set a personal goal to do better at scripture study than they are currently doing.
"President Griffin talked about this a little in our stake conference last fall. He mentioned a 10-min a day/5 days/week Book of Mormon study-just a suggestion."

3. Temple attendance.
"If you are currently going once a month try to go 13 times this year or 24 times this year. If you have not gone for a long time or have never been to the temple just talk to the Bishop and he will help you."
4. Visiting Teaching
"In our January 5th Sunday meeting the bishop taught us that we should be doing a little better in our visiting teaching/home teaching by aiming to do a Celestial visiting teaching to reach out a little more, be more interested and make our visits better."

These are worthy goals, Colstrip! Thank you for sharing them with us.
Wouldn't it be wonderful if each sister in the Billings East Stake
set similar goals for her own life?

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