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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Beaded Socks

Years ago in Billings 2nd ward, I know that dates me, Deanne Hansen showed us how to make beaded socks. I made them for babies and then made a few with red and green beads and hung them on my Christmas tree. They are super easy, just follow the instructions. My only concern with these is maybe a baby could chew a bead off and swallow it! Always make them for a child that is past the putting things in their mouth stage or a baby that is too young to figure out how to get their feet in their mouth! I got these instructions from I used cheap plastic beads but there are so many cool beads to use now. But remember you are going to wash these so don't go crazy with the beads!...unless they are hanging on a Christmas Tree!

Beaded Socks

Materials Needed: 80-90 beads any type are fine, several yards size 10 thread, size 6 steel hook.


Note: You may want to add 5 more beads to the thread in case your spacing and size of sock is different than mine. Work between ribbings on the top of the sock.

Turn the sock inside out, thread 40 beads on the thread, attach yarn to the back of the sock with a slip stitch, (chain 4, pull one bead close to the hook and chain 1 to lock the bead in place, chain 4, slip stitch back into the sock into the next groove in the ribbing) continue this around until you have reached the beginning. Fasten off, tie the beginning and ending thread together about 5 times and weave in your end.

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