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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Registering in the New Family Search Program

The Stake would like to encourage everyone to register in the new family search program. Here are the instructions:

1. Get confirmation date and membership record number from your ward clerk.
2. Log on to new family search website from your internet explorer:
3. Register on the wesite under the "register for the new Family Search".
4. Create a username and password.
5. Write down and place your username and password in a safe place. It is somewhat challenging to get your username and password if you have misplaced them. Both username and password are case sensitive (meaning it matters if you capitalize or not).
6. Once you have registered, browse the new familysearch website.
7. You will notice that quite a bit of information is missing. No information on living individuals will be there yet unless someone has already input the information in the new family search program. In the future you will learn how to find and input information.
8. Notify your ward family history consultant and high priest group leader when you have registered.

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