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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Be Prepared-72 Hour Kits

One of the focuses of our Stake Relief Society this year is to encourage everyone to have a 72 hour kit for each family member. We would like to see each member of our stake begin their preparedness program with a 72 hour kit. The information in this post come from Jodi Gorham from the Shepherd Ward.

What is a 72 Hour Kit?

A 72 Hour Kit is a collection of tools and supplies needed to sustain life, minimize suffering, maintain dignity and independence, and help you do what you need to in an emergency that requires evacuation. It can be assembled for a family, but normally it would be tailored to fit the needs of an individual, and each person in the family
would have their own personalized 72 Hour Kit.

The particulars will vary from person to person, but each kit should contain the following things: water, food, clothing, shelter, sanitation supplies, medical supplies, contact information, identification and other vital documents, aids to mobility and navigation, and comfort items. A backpack, or other carry-able container, is also needed.

Your kit should be assembled in advance and kept in a safe, but convenient, location in your home or automobile, where it can be grabbed on short notice. You will always choose to endure an emergency at home, when you can, because that’s where most of your emergency preparations are. When you are forced to evacuate, you will always choose to take your personal vehicle, if you can, because that is how you are the most mobile and can take the most stuff. Your 72 Hour Kit is essential to your emergency preparations because it is what you take with you for the remainder of the journey if your car breaks down or if you are
forced to leave home on foot.
One of the many websites that lists items to include in your 72 Hour Kit is This site also has their list available as a pdf file that can be printed out and used as a checklist. There are companies that sell prepackaged 72 Hour Kits, but at best, those kits are a starting point for the real thing because they will not be specific to the needs of you and your family, nor will they contain personal items such as ID or documents.
It's takes time and money to assemble a 72 Hour Kit, but on the flip side, what will it cost you to be caught unprepared?

(Some information taken from Tucson North Stake Relief Society's Preparedness Notebook.)

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