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Sunday, September 1, 2013


A few weeks ago, the Stake Relief Society visited Roundup Branch. This is the building Roundup members usually meet in. However, right now Roundup Branch meets in the local Lutheran Church.

That's because the Roundup building is growing! This is what their building looked like in August--a new chapel is being added.

What a wonderful blessing for a community that has endured so much in the last several years. Roundup members have been exemplary in reaching out and building relationships within the community. Now they have grown to the point that they need more space. Their new building is expected to be finished in December. 

Roundup Sisters, we are so excited for you!

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  1. Celebrating a growing Gospel Gathering in our Stake! Joe & I love the Roundup Ward Members and pray for the richest spiritual Blessings to follow them. Can we expect an Open House Celebration?