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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Freezing Tomatoes

I just picked my first 2 tomatoes from my garden. You know how as your tomatoes ripen, you often have more tomatoes than you can eat, put not enough to preserve?  Or maybe you have some ripe tomatoes but no time to use them.
Last year at the Stake Relief Society "What To Do With Your Garden" seminar we held, Jodi Gorham gave us one of my favorite tips ever.  She told us you can freeze a whole tomato and use it later. Here's how:

1. Wash a whole tomato well.

 2. Pop it in a baggie. Just leave the stem on, and don't forget to label the bag.

3. Now sometime in January or February when you need a tomato for a recipe, pull out your frozen tomato.

4. Run it under warm water.

5. The skin will now slip off easily.

6. You can now crush , dice, or use the tomato whole.

7.  You can use the tomato in any recipe that calls for cooked tomatoes. They are also great in soup.
Last summer, I froze about a dozen tomatoes this way. They were wonderful to have on hand and I had used them all within a couple of months. I definitely plan on freezing a lot more this way this summer!

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