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Monday, May 18, 2009

Hilltop Ward Montana Women's Run Team

Chelsy Hooper, in the Hilltop ward, put together a Hilltop Ward Team for the Montana Women's run. She even organized a pot luck spaghetti dinner the night before the race.

It was finger-lickin' good! (Left to right: Renee Berg, Joan Larsen, Lillian Nehring, Chelsy's mom. In background: Francine Palmer and Aubrey Larsen.)

Left to right: Lillian Nehring, Renee Berg, Aubrey & Jessilyn with Baby Benjamin Palmer, Erin Kirby

The eclairs were particularly delicious! Thank you Chelsy!!! (recipe to follow)

Saturday morning before the race.
Back row - Left to right: Aubrey, Joan, Jessilyn Larsen, Chelsy Hooper
Front row - left to right Lindsey and Emily Larsen

The race is about to begin!!

Go Jessilyn and Chelsy!! WooHoo!!

They made it!! Jessilyn, Joan and Emily Larsen

Jessilyn Larsen took first place for her age group in the 5-mile run!! Way to go!!

Just chillin' after the race.

The kids had fun at their run, too.

Teancum Palmer and Gabe Hooper.

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